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PR for Social Good Organizations: Pitching Media in a New Age

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Your work can change the world, but only if the world knows about it. Public Relations (PR) is a term used to describe collaborating with media to earn your work the attention it deserves.

We want to help you succeed by arming you with techniques that can assist you with getting the publicity your organization deserves. We came up with an online, webinar-based class to provide step-by-step guidance to help social good organizations.

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What’s In This Class?

PR for Social Good Organizations 101 is necessary to earning your work the attention it deserves in a shifting media landscape… And this class will show you the tools to help your organization stand out and get in front of your audience!

Working to do good isn’t enough. We have to do good well, which includes adopting results-oriented approaches and respecting scarce resources.

We can do good better.

What Will You Learn?

In this one-hour course, Hustle Labs’ Chris Cassidy will share some of the strategies he uses for organizations of all sizes, and has taught thousands of progressive advocates, including:

Getting To YES

Let’s face it. Your organization NEEDS a strong strategy for media outreach!

Similar courses are upwards of $1,000 per student, but our Modernizing PR for Social Good Organizations online class is only $20 for an informative hour-long session.

Sign up for PR for Social Good Organizations 101 now and bring the skills back to your organization that will make you both stand out!

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