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Dabble Starts with Start Somewhere in San Francisco


Dabble is a hot new company with a GREAT mission, so of course Dabble piqued our interest right from the start. I mean, what’s not to love about making it easy, fun and affordable to try and learn something new. You can try making beer, learning guitar or finally figuring out how to knit something. Don’t worry we have plenty more ideas for Dabble classes (skip to the bottom to see our list of classes YOU could teach with Dabble).

There’s probably a list of things you want to learn… they’ve probably been on your mental to-do list for the last three years (maybe longer). You may have even looked up courses online, but could never justify the money or manage to find the time. With Dabble, you can try them.

Fine, I’ll go first. I’ve thought about going to massage school at least three different times in my life but couldn’t justify the expense for something I might not want to make a career out of. But now for just $20 I can finally try a massage class… that is, once someone submits a massage class with Dabble.

Last week Dabble announced their expansion from their Chicago headquarters to six new cities, including San Francisco. That’s why Dabble, an awesome company with ambitious goals, came to Start Somewhere to help them bring Dabble to San Francisco. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Dabble and their team.

Now here’s the important part. We need your help to spread the word. We need to sign up 30 classes before Dabble opens its doors for all the San Franciscans who want to learn and try new things – which, lets be honest, is pretty much everyone who lives here.

First, here are the 5 things you should know about Dabble:

  1. Dabble classes don’t need to happen in a classroom. Whether it’s in a park, a coffee shop, a bar or a restaurant down the street, learning can happen anywhere and it damn well should
  2. Dabble isn’t reserved for the “serious.” Even if you have no experience in the subject, learning should be fun, accessible & non-intimidating for all involved.
  3. Dabble can be taught by anyone. You don’t need a certificate to be a teacher, you just need knowledge & passion in a subject you’d like to share with the world.
  4. Dabble is best experienced with other people. Sure, you could pick up a book or watch a video online, but learning is more fun beside cool, like-minded folks.
  5. Dabble is part of a breakfast (of champions). Learning is good for the creative soul. Shaking things up & challenging yourself should be a regular part of a happy, healthy diet.

Not only is Dabble cool for people who want to learn, but it’s awesome for people who want to teach. Well, for starters, teaching a class with Dabble is fun, easy and it doesn’t cost a thing. Whether you want to establish yourself as an expert, bulk up your resume or get new clients in the door, Dabble can help you get the word out. Not to mention Dabble lets you make extra income by simply doing what you love to do. They take care of all the transactions and make sure you get paid on time.

Since we’re trying to spread the word, we’re asking YOU to help us by thinking of anyone who might benefit from teaching a class or sharing it with the many people we all know (including ourselves) who love to learn, but who don’t have the funds or time to take classes that require more commitment. And obviously it would be AWESOME if you could teach a class. We’re more than happy to help people come up with class ideas. If you want to see what classes are happening on Dabble in Chicago, check out their website:

Speaking of classes, here is the bonus list of classes that YOU or someone you know should teach on Dabble. We KNOW people in San Francisco would love them!

  • How to make money being unemployed
  • The Do’s and Don’t of Online/Speed Dating
  • Investment 101: It’s your retirement
  • Gay mommies, what to know for the first six weeks
  • Thrifiting in San Francisco – Where in the world do I even start
  • Surfing in the City
  • Social Media for beginners
  • 10 things to do with your compost
  • San Francisco Local Politics Cliff notes for newbies
  • How to Grow…Vegetables in the city
  • Intro to Boot Camp/Kickboxing/Yoga/Golf (insert sport here)
  • How to make money with your law degree without being a lawyer
  • Real Estate for people who know nothing about real estate
  • Want to be Vegan? I will tell you how and where to shop in San Francisco
  • Coffee lovers tour of San Francisco cafes
  • How to make your own Soap, baby food, (insert food item here)
  • How to knit for those who dream of being in a knitting circle
  • Sushi making, more than just sharp knives.
  • Creative Writing for people who think they’re not creative
  • San Francisco Food Culture for aspiring foodies

Have an idea for a class? Let me know at

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3 thoughts on “Dabble Starts with Start Somewhere in San Francisco

  1. K Hermanns

    Brilliant, you two. Can’t imagine anyone else getting this much out of traveling around the world for seven months. I look forward to seeing how all of this unfolds, supporting your endeavors, and dabbling in a class. Even I might take time out of work to do that. Go get ‘em.


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