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Start Somewhere Fundraising Campaign Helps Nigerian LGBT Organization

30 November 2011 | by:

Please note: Because being gay is illegal in Nigeria, the name of the director has been changed. If you would like to request a secure link to a video message from her, please send an email to

While she was in Nigeria, law school student Milo Manopolous Beitman met an amazing, inspiring woman who’s working for LGBT rights in that country. It’s not an easy task, since being gay is illegal in Nigeria and punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment. But through her organization, the Women’s Heath and Resource Center, she’s serving 335 lesbians through health and community programs. And she’s not stopping.

We were so inspired by this changemaker and her organization we wanted to give her the support and mentorship she so desperately needs. We worked to bring her to the 2011 International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference so she can meet and learn from other LGBT trailblazers. The price tag: $4,000, including airfare, visas, hotel and other fees.

We did it, in 30 days. Through a compelling video, an online media campaign, an influencer campaign and securing a matching donor, we were able to secure $4,000 and help her attend the conference.

The conference starts tomorrow in Houston – you can follow it using the hashtag #lgbtleaders. She’ll get to rub shoulders with inspiring and successful LGBT leaders like Laura Spanjian, Sustainability Director, City of Houston; Dr. Dana Beyer, Executive Director, Gender Rights Maryland; Mara Keisling, Executive Director, National Center for Transgender Equality and more.

We love bringing our innovative fundraising programs to organizations of all sizes. To learn how Start Somewhere can improve fundraising and development for your organization, click here.

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