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New Company Policy: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

21 August 2011 | by:

New Company Policy: 10% of all proceeds will go to organizations who rock our world.

At Start Somewhere, not only do we believe in doing good, but we also believe in the power of the dollar, euro, yen or pound. That’s right, there are some things you need cold hard cash to accomplish. And while we also strongly believe in the power of a community and what it can accomplish through its good works, we also know that no matter what, for a lot of organizations, your money makes it possible to make change.

And since our mission is to do good by helping companies who do good in the world, we thought what better way to do that than by giving 10% of all proceeds to organizations who rock our world. In the coming months, we’ll announce the organizations we’ll focus on, so stay tuned. In the meantime, as a perk to those who refer us, we’ll let you tell us who rocks your world and give 10% to the organization of your choice.

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