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SoCap11 Brings The Social Capital Community Together

This week we’re at SoCap11, the Social Capital Markets Conference happening at the Ft. Mason Center in San Francisco. We got our first taste of the SoCap conferences in May in Amsterdam, at the SoCap Europe event, and we’re excited to be back at the U.S. gathering.

Social Capital is a fast-growing space, comprised of companies and investors engaged in a new type of capitalism and business growth. These new companies recognize the potential — and our responsibility — to direct the power and efficiency of market systems toward social impact, leading to a more balanced set of “returns”.

Social Capital Markets, or SOCAP, is the organization at the forefront of this movement. Their mission is to help create social and economic power for the poor (how much better can you get than that?). Through events like SoCap 11, they connect innovators, investors, foundations, institutions and social entrepreneurs, all with the goal of helping build and inspire a for-profit market to make that happen.

We made amazing connections at SoCap Europe, and we left feeling inspired, energized and supported as we continued along our mission of helping companies doing good for the world.

If you’re at SoCap 11, follow me (Leanne Pittsford) on Twitter or on the SoCap attendee list and add my name at this link I look forward to meeting you and exchanging ideas about the SoCap space.

If you’d like to get a taste of SoCap11, follow along with the #socap11 Twitter stream here:

Or, even better, you can watch the Livestream here:

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About Leanne Pittsford

As Chief Executive Officer, Leanne is responsible for Start Somewhere’s vision as a marketing consultancy helping change makers in the world of business, not for profits and social capital. If you do work that’s good for the world, we want to make you better through effective marketing. Leanne manages our client’s experience with Start Somewhere from start to finish. She works with our talented staff to make sure Start Somewhere delivers a finished product that exceeds client expectations. Before beginning Start Somewhere, Leanne led operations for Equality California, the largest statewide lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender organization in the U.S. Most non-profit employees rarely have one role, and her years there were no exception: Leanne directed data analytics for both their development and marketing teams, directed several online marketing and fundraising campaigns, managed human resources and played an active role in the organizations financial operations. She’s a self-proclaimed foodie who is equally passionate about coffee, bikram yoga and photography, and considers San Francisco, California home regardless of her current IP address.

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